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3.3 How We Work

Clocking in/out (within and outside the city)

These apply to you unless you have a previous documented agreement with Management.

  • If you are working within the city where you stayed the night: Clock in when you get to the depot or site (whichever you get to first) and then clock out when you leave the site or depot  whichever you leave last).
  • If you are working outside of the city where you stayed the  night: Clock in when you leave your accommodation, and clock out when you return to your accommodation.
  • Travelling to and from work for up to 30 minutes each way in your own time is expected, and usual for NZ workplaces.

Leaving the workplace or office and returning to the workplace or office

It is your personal responsibility to inform your supervisor/manager or  director of Numat every time you go out and return. Please ensure that you do this every time.

  • Please advise your supervisor/manager or director of Numat if you are going to be out of the workplace, and also upon your return.
  • For extended absences of half a day or over, please let your supervisor/manager or director of Numat know at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Site Team Leaders and Site staff please let your supervisor/manager or director of Numat know at least one week in advance.
  • If you return early, please make sure you let people know.

Working from Home / Outside the Business |
Flexitime Arrangements

  • Working from home, or outside the business, is not permitted except with the express written permission of your supervisor/manager on each occasion, unless being outside the business premises is a normal part of your employment tasks. 
  • Sometimes it is appropriate for you to stay home to prevent the spread of illness, but you may feel capable of doing some work.
    We do not require people to work when they are unwell, but if you feel capable of working please discuss and get permission to do so
    from your supervisor/manager.

Taking leave

Unpaid leave / leave in advance/excessive leave balances/Cash up of leave.

  • We allow people to take leave as it is accruing, providing a balance of 3 days is maintained. Use of accruing leave will be approved if it is convenient for the business. Accruing leave is the leave that gets added to your payslip each pay day. Both Accruing Annual Leave and Outstanding Annual leave (the balance that is available at each 12 month anniversary), will need to be applied for with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. 
  • If you have used all of your sick leave, and are unwell, you may apply to use your annual leave or leave without pay. Unpaid leave for extended holidays will be considered upon application, which includes why you would like extended leave. A minimum of one month’s notice will be required for these applications. Unpaid Leave is not an entitlement, it is solely at Numat’s discretion.

Cash Up of Leave

Cash Up of Leave will not normally be approved, as we believe taking a break from work supports overall wellbeing.

Applications for Cash Up of Leave may only be approved by the General Manager.

To support your wellbeing we want you to take Leave every year.

Annual Leave accumulates each week, and equals four weeks each year. On your anniversary with Numat if you have not taken any leave we may require you to take some leave.

We will try to work with you so that you take leave when you prefer, but if this is not possible we will instruct you to take leave giving you 14 days’ notice in writing.

Jury Service

People are randomly selected from the Electoral roll and can make an application to be
excused from Jury service, but you must have a very good reason to do so.

The Ministry of Justice will pay an attendance fee and a meal allowance – go to: for more details.

If you are selected for Jury Service, Numat will ‘top up’ your wages for the first week. We will do this once we have received a letter of attendance and the amount you were paid.

You will need to request a letter from the court at the time.

If you are selected for Jury service for longer than one week, you will need to apply for annual leave or take leave without pay.

Inability to get to work due to adverse weather conditions / natural disaster

If you are unable to attend work due to adverse weather conditions or some other
cause (other than sickness) the following will apply:

If you can work from home please agree to this with your supervisor/manager. If you are unable to work from home, we will assess the situation and advise you what to do, as well as advise you if you will be paid as normal.

Field Staff Inability to work due to weather conditions e.g., rain

If you are unable to work on site due to weather conditions, the Project Manager will find work in the depot if possible.

If there is no depot or there is no work at the depot, then install staff will be paid to the nearest half day eg if they work 7-10am they will get paid till 12.30pm.

You will be advised this by the project manager via internal messaging such as email or WhatsApp.


You will receive an induction when you first join Numat, to ensure you know what is expected of you. On the job training will be provided as required for your role. Numat may also identify external training to assist you in your role.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Numat support CPD for team members on a case-by-case basis and in line with their
training and development plan.

Application should be made to the General Manager in writing outlining the following:

  • Detail of CPD to be undertaken
  • Benefit to current role
  • Benefit to Numat
  • Cost
  • Leave required

Please note that if an application is approved we will require you to sign a bonding agreement, and remain working at Numat for a period of time.

Performance Feedback and Wage/Salary Reviews

Performance feedback meetings will be available for all staff regularly. The purpose is to
ensure all staff are performing to their potential, and any issues are addressed sooner rather than later.

Performance feedback is designed to identify areas where you are performing well, and to identify areas where we can support you to improve.

If you have any concerns, you should raise them as soon as they come up. Do not wait for your performance feedback meeting.

We conduct annual wage/salary reviews in January each year.

Numat is not obligated to increase wages/salaries each  uear, but will review and discuss the outcome of our review with each employee.


Entry and exit to Numat facilities are as follows:

  • Creo Auckland Office (Contact person Mike Senior)
    • Gate opener or key pad access to gate
    • Lock box with key for office access
  • Numat Oamaru Office (Contact person
    Jacob Judd or Mike Judd)
    • Gate opener or key pad access to the main gate
    • Swipe card for the main office access
  • Wellington Office (Contact person Glenn Smith)
  • Hamilton Office (Contact person Joel Prestidge)
    After hours access is limited to team members only unless prior approval has been gained by your direct report
  • All visitors must sign in using the appropriate system at each location.
  • The last team member to leave the premises at each location must do a thorough check of the facilities and ensure all appropriate appliances are switched off, prior to lock up

Confidentiality / Confidential Material Disposal

All care must be taken to protect confidential and private information of the Employer, staff, clients, and customers.

You must not disclose any information other than for the proper conduct of your work.

Extra care must be taken when working off-site.

Staff training will be provided when you start employment. If you have not received training, you should contact your  supervisor/manager.

For the purpose of disposing of confidential or private material, please use the shredder.

Intellectual Property

Any Intellectual property which in any way relates to the business or products or services of the Employer in any way that is developed during your employment belongs to the employer whether or not it was developed in work time or outside of your work.

Stationary and Other Work Supplies or Equipment

All equipment provided to you remains the property of the Employer and must be used solely for work purposes.

All Employer property must be returned within 24 hours of termination of employment.

Stationery is available from the stationery cupboard.

If you need any other equipment to effectively perform your duties, you should make a request in writing to Supervisor/Manager.

Functions and Activities

We try to have a number of business activities, which hopefully will encourage a high level of team spirit.

Management appreciate full attendance and participation. All ideas are welcome. Client development functions are
also encouraged. Please see your supervisor / manager to discuss any functions you may wish to suggest.

Unless previously approved by management all business functions and activities are for employees only. 

Gifts from Clients / Customers or Others

You may receive gifts of a traditional / customary nature if they are of minimum value.

You should not accept gifts that could be seen as inappropriate or of more than minimum value.

If unsure speak to your supervisor/manager before accepting any gift. All gifts received should be immediately
declared to your supervisor/manager, who will then decide on the appropriate recipient(s) of the gift.