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3.1 The Way We Work (Code of Conduct)

We believe that everyone comes to work every day to do a good job, and that you know how you contribute to the success of the business.

Our aim is to create a safe, positive and mutually rewarding employment relationship and to avoid the need for disciplinary action, because we all know what doing the right thing looks like.

To do that we want to foster a relationship of mutual trust, where we can have confidence in you to do a job well, and where you can have confidence in us to provide you meaningful work in a safe working environment, and to be treated fairly.

In your first few weeks with us, we provide you with on the job learning which includes information on how we work around here.

Subject to the terms of your employment agreement, as staff:

  • We work to a high standard, being careful to get it right
  • We own up when we make a genuine mistake, or talk to our supervisor / manager if we are  struggling or don’t understand something
  • We build trust with each other, and our clients by communicating openly and honestly with everyone
  • Safety is paramount; we are committed to working safely ourselves, and promoting working safely to our workmates, our clients and visitors to our sites
  • We work our agreed hours, and let our manager know if we are going to be away
  • Our strength is in our team so we treat each other respectfully and be constructive in our interactions especially if our ideas differ from our workmates
  • We are proud of our brand and are aware to have positive interactions with our clients, suppliers and the public, even  outside work hours where our brand could be  exposed
  • We dress appropriately and wear PPE that is required for the work we are doing
  • We treat all company property with care
  • We are committed to protecting the environment by acting in ways that can contribute positively to the planet
We’re in this together!