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4.2 Disciplinary Process

We know that owning up when we make a genuine mistake, or talking to our supervisor/manager if we are struggling or don’t understand something, will prevent disciplinary matters from happening.

If we suspect misconduct we will follow the process set out below:

  • If there is evidence of a minor breach it is likely a Letter of Expectation will be issued in the first instance – this is not a warning but a setting of expectations so that we can avoid disciplinary action.
  • If there is a more serious breach, or a repeat of a previous breach, you may be asked to attend a Disciplinary Meeting, the outcome may be a First Warning.
  • Further repeats of the same sort of behaviour will follow the same process in the point above and the outcome may be a Final Warning, and if the behaviour continues a third time the outcome may be Dismissal.
  • Behaviour that is considered serious misconduct may result in a Final Warning or Dismissal, and the steps above will not need to be followed. A decision regarding this outcome will be made after you have attended a Disciplinary Meeting.
  • Warnings will remain on personal files for 12 months.


If an employee is under investigation for a Serious Misconduct matter, Numat may choose to suspend them.

Reasons for suspension are; serious health and safety breaches, or their actions may be a threat to the business.

Numat will raise a proposed suspension with you and give you the opportunity to respond before determining whether suspension is necessary.

Suspension will be on normal pay, until an investigation is completed. If you prevent an investigation from being completed in a timely manner (including providing a medical certificate, or delaying a meeting) normal pay provision will be withdrawn, other leave options including leave without pay will be considered.

Equal Employment Opportunities

We support equal employment opportunities for all in our workplace and if you feel that there is an issue please discuss it as soon as possible with Numat Director or our HR Consultant Melanie Ault – HR Consultant: [email protected] so we can take any necessary action.