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4.3 Vehicle Policy

You may be provided with the use of a vehicle to enable you to perform your duties.

It is a condition of your employment that you have a current full driver licence and remain eligible to drive in NZ.

You can be required at any time and for any reason to deliver up to the employer the vehicle provided. In which case an alternative vehicle will be supplied in its place, unless the employer determines that you are unable to drive or that a vehicle is no longer required for your employment tasks.

Breach of the following may be viewed as misconduct or serious misconduct and may result in disciplinary action:

  • The employer will maintain the vehicle in a roadworthy condition. However, it is your responsibility to report any damage, wear and tear, warrant, registration or road user charges lapses, or other safety concerns to the employer as soon as possible.

Some vehicles may be fitted with GPS units.

You must maintain a clean driver licence. Any demerit points, suspensions or disqualifications should be reported to the employer immediately.

The employer will keep the vehicle insured. You must adhere to the conditions of the insurance policy and may be liable for any damage caused to the vehicle in breach of the insurance policy. You may have to pay the insurance excess if you damage the vehicle.

Employee Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for ensuring the vehicle is kept in a clean and tidy state.
  • You should regularly check oil, water, tyre air pressure and coolant.
  • You must drive courteously and safely.
  • You must wear a seatbelt and comply with all driving laws.
  • You may not drink alcohol before driving the Employer’s vehicles except in accordance with the law.
  • You must not use cell phones while driving except in accordance with the law.
  • You must not allow unauthorised people to drive the Employer’s vehicle.
  • You are not allowed, in any circumstance, to smoke in the vehicle. You must not allow anyone to smoke in the vehicle.

The Employer’s vehicle may not be used for holiday or private purposes without the Employer’s prior written permission.

You may be required to keep an up-to-date vehicle logbook/record.

The Employer may use the vehicle as a ‘pool’ vehicle during normal working hours if it is available.

Following any accident involving the Employer’s vehicle, you must report the accident to the Employer as soon as reasonably practicable through BWARE mobile app, and it needs to be reported to your direct report.

Private use of your motor vehicle is by request only.

Upon request or upon termination of employment, you must immediately return the vehicle to the Employer and hand over the keys to the vehicle.

The vehicle remains the sole property of the Employer.