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5.1 Health and Safety in Employment Policy

Health & Safety Policy

  • It is a fundamental requirement that the organisation will take, so far as is reasonably practicable steps to Eliminate or Minimise hazards and risks in the workplace and that health and safety of all workers be treated equally to other operational requirements in the running of our business.
  • It is the responsibility of all workers to reduce the risk of injuries and illness by eliminating or minimising hazards and risks that may cause personal injury, occupational illness, or property damage.
  • Numat Group Ltd will provide a healthy and safe working environment for all workers and visitors. We will comply with legislation, codes of practice and industry standards and establish safe systems of work for all activities.
  • All Officers, Managers, Supervisors and Contractors are accountable for the health and safety performance within their work area. Responsibilities include: a commitment to the accurate reporting, recording and investigation of workplace injuries, illness and incidents with corrective actions undertaken, maintaining high standards of housekeeping and hygiene, effective hazard and risk management, competency training and emergency response.
  • We will consult with and encourage the full participation of all workers in all aspects of implementing and continuously improving our health and safety system and performance. All employed workers will be involved in setting health practices. I expect everyone to accept the challenge of making our organisation a healthy and safe place to work, for all our workers, visitors, and contract workers.
  • We are committed to achieving high standards of health and safety management and pursuing an active rehabilitation program, to support the safe and early return to work of all injured workers. We will minimise risk in all areas of our operations and advise all concerned parties of this policy and health and safety procedures.
  • The Company Health & Safety Manual and procedures spell out specific responsibilities for all workers and details of required actions and activities. This Health and Safety policy will be reviewed annually.