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5.2 Safety & Wellbeing

Reporting Safety Concerns

If you notice any hazard to health or safety at work then report that to the Health and Safety Officer immediately and, if there is an immediate danger, stop work and remove yourself and others from the area.

If you suffer any work-related injury or illness (or near miss) then report this to the Health and Safety Officer immediately. You need to register this through BWARE via your mobile app.

Emergency procedures

  • In the event of an earthquake you should DROP, COVER & HOLD.
  • Duck under a table and cover your head with your arms until it is safe to move
  • If you are in a lift stay calm, stop at the nearest floor and get out.
  • Stay where you are until a Warden tells you to move to a safer location.
  • Do not take drinks/food or personal possessions with you.
  • Please note the assembly point for this building is front of Numat Office-beside gate entrance.
  • Do not re-enter the building until you have been told that it is safe to do so.
  • Basic emergency supplies are located in the kitchen cupboards.
  • If you are working after hours, please advise your supervisor/manager where you will be working, and what time you will be working to.
  • If an emergency takes place outside of working hours, you should remain at a safe location until notified by your direct supervisor/manager, by phone, that it is safe to return to work. 

If you discover a fire:

  • Activate the nearest alarm, and the follow the steps below.

If the fire alarm is activated:

  • Phone the fire brigade – dial 111

If the alarm rings:

  • Evacuate the building using the nearest fire exit stairs – these are located Numat Office – beside gate entrance.
  • Help disabled people to a safe area.
  • Follow all instructions given by Wardens.
  • Please note that the assembly points, once you have left the building, are Numat Office – beside gate entrance.
  • Do not re-enter the building until advised it is safe to do so. The silencing of the alarm is not an indication that it is safe to re-enter the building. If during an evacuation the fire alarm stops sounding, continue to evacuate the building.
  • Floor wardens are to wear their bright yellow vests.
  • Proceed to the evacuation board and ensure the appropriate slider is adjusted on the evacuation board to show clearance or otherwise.
  • Basic emergency medical kits will be available from the kitchen cupboards.
  • If working after hours, advise other staff in your area of your presence.
  • Follow instructions from Wardens, Security and Police.
  • If an evacuation is necessary, evacuation will be by word of mouth, not activation of the fire alarm. The procedure is otherwise the same as in a fire.
  • When evacuating do not take personal belongings with you.