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5.3 Supporting Wellness

Your health and wellbeing are important. You should ensure that:

  • You take rest and meal breaks at appropriate times during your work.
  • You take your annual leave each year, so you are refreshed.
  • You do not come to work if you are unwell. This protects both your health, by ensuring you take the appropriate time to recover, and also others at work and customers. If you are unwell, it is not good to pass any infections to others, so contact your supervisor/manager to let them know you won’t be at work

Life can get a bit hard sometimes, it maybe that you are feeling downhearted, stressed or just not your usual self. We encourage you to talk to your supervisor/manager so we can provide you with support. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can also talk directly to our HR Consultant (027 202 6321), for advice. Numat provide an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), they provide counsellors experienced in dealing with all sorts of problems. Please feel free to contact this service provider directly:

EAP Services – 0800 327 669