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5.4 Managing Incapacity

We are committed to supporting people with a long-term injury or illness, as much as we are able to. We will need you to keep in touch with us as to your progress, and to provide updated medical certificates.

We will discuss with you a return-to-work plan and how long your position can be kept open for you while you recover (if it can).

You will be given opportunities for input into that process and to provide information including medical reports on your situation and progress towards retuning to work.

We will consider options such as part-time gradual return and discuss options with you before any final decision is made.

In the situation where you have been away from work for a continuous period of 3 months, and after receiving medical information that shows it is unlikely that you will be able to return to work soon, we may decide to end your employment. This will be considered after a consultation meeting with you.

Excessive absence due to illness or injury

If you have absences over and above your annual sick leave entitlement, for periods that amount to 20 or more days within a 12 month period, we may not be able to continue to accommodate you having excessive absences.

It is unfortunate that you are injured or ill so often, but such disruption to our business will need to be considered.

You are expected to work the hours that have been set out in your Employment Agreement. If you are regularly not able to meet these requirements, we may consider that you are in breach of your Employment Agreement.

We will commence a process to determine whether you can continue to work, allowing time for improvement (if appropriate). If Numat gives you a written warning that we are not able to sustain continued excessive absence, we may need to end your employment, at some point, if you continue to have more absence than is entitled.

If you are off work on ACC, then we will discuss matters with ACC if required. If it is a work related injury, Numat will pay for your first week off work. If it is a non-work related injury you are entitled to apply to use sick leave.

If you suffer any work-related injury or illness (or near miss) then report this to the Health and Safety Officer immediately. You need to register this through BWARE via your mobile app.