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5.6 Workplace Harassment

Managing Results

Numat has a duty to ensure that employees are in a safe working environment. This includes not being in a situation where they are exposed to harassment in the workplace. Workplace harassment including sexual, bullying or discrimination will not be tolerated by Numat.

Workplace bullying and harassment is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety.

  • Repeated behaviour refers to the persistent nature of the behaviour and can involve a range of behaviours over time.
  • Unreasonable behaviour means behaviour that a reasonable person, having considered the circumstances, would see as unreasonable, including behaviour that is victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening.

Some examples of behaviour, whether intentional or unintentional, that may be workplace harassment are:

  • Abusive, insulting or offensive language or comments
  • Aggressive and intimidating behaviour
  • Constant criticism, belittling or humiliating comments, including repeated practical jokes or taunts
  • Isolating and excluding a person from activities
  • Setting tasks that are unreasonably below or beyond a person’s skill level
  • Spreading misinformation or malicious rumours
  • Sexual contact or comments either written, spoken or visual
  • Expressions of hostility, contempt or ridicule on the ground of race, colour or ethnicity

Numat expects all employees to act without discrimination towards others. This includes; marital status, race, religious belief, ethical belief, colour, ethnicity, disability, age, political opinion, employment status, family status and sexual orientation.

Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Initially the affected employee should try and tell the offending party that the behaviour is unappreciated and ask them to stop.

If the behaviour continues then contact your supervisor/manager, who will seek advice. If the offender is your supervisor/manager, or you feel uncomfortable talking to them about it, contact Numat HR Consultant Melanie Ault – HR Consultant: [email protected] or 0272026321

Numat will investigate (whether formally or informally) any reported instances of workplace harassment in a way that is sensitive, fair and prompt. Human Resources will provide guidance on appropriate action.

Employees accused of bullying or harassment may be suspended (on pay) while an investigation takes place.

Managers are to ensure that where workplace bullying or harassment has been reported, that it is safe for the employee to remain in the workplace, and if not they are to try and make alternative arrangements. EAP Counselling may be provided.

Any claims that are false and are of a frivolous or vexatious nature will be dealt with in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy.