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6.1 Finance Information

Credit / Debit Cards

Use of a Company business credit or debit card is for business use only. All purchases must be strictly for business purposes and no private use is allowed.

All business purchases over $50 must be supported by a valid GST Receipt to comply with IRD requirements:

Credit card reports will be emailed to staff members on a weekly basis every Monday afternoon 4pm. Transactions requiring receipts will be noted.

Receipts must then be emailed to: [email protected] within five days of receiving the credit card email report.

Any transactions for which a receipt or relevant supporting documentation is not available will be on-charged directly to the responsible staff member. Repayment method will be agreed with the affected staff member, however Numat’s preferred repayment method is payroll deduction.

If the card is lost or misplaced it should be immediately reported to the Finance Team so the card can be cancelled or suspended.

The card, and pin for the card, must be kept secure and confidential and not shared with any other person inside or outside the business (unless they are an authorised user of the card).


Staff purchasing for personal use; this is not encouraged, and its use is restricted to special circumstances, staff need to obtain approval from their direct manager or a Director of Numat Group Ltd. prior to proceeding.

Purchase orders must be used for all company purchasing, these can be obtained through the projects team or the finance team.

Employees must not approve any purchase to themselves. All purchases must be approved by your direct report or a Numat Director.

Staff purchasing privileges can be stopped at any time, by the employer, for any reason. Staff individually or collectively will be notified of any changes to the policy.

Employee Liability / Insurance

Contact your direct manager for further details on this.

Expenses / Reimbursements

The Employer will reimburse you for all authorised and reasonable expenses incurred in the exercise of your duties.

In order to be reimbursed, you must send an email detailing the business expense along with a copy of the receipt to: [email protected]

Reimbursements, if approved, will be paid with your usual pay, in the next available pay period.

Money owing to the Employer

If you owe money to your employer then we will discuss with you how that is to be paid/ repaid. If you agree then payments can be deducted from your wages.

We will ask you to sign an agreement on each occasion before any money is deducted or you can sign an agreement setting out the agreed deductions over a period of time.