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6.2 Travelling for Work

From time-to-time staff will need to use a car for travel to visit a client or attend at other premises, etc.

The IRD currently allows for reimbursement of mileage via a two tier rate system – refer to the attached link:

Note that the tier one rate currently is $0.95 cents per kilometre and applies to the first 14,000 kilometres travelled by an employee.

You should keep a note of the kilometres travelled and if using your car seek reimbursement from Accounts using the relevant reimbursement form.

If using a car of someone else from work, then provide them with the kilometres travelled and the matter number/file details so they can claim reimbursement.

The amount of travel should be charged to the client as a disbursement.

Any parking costs while you are there will also be reimbursed by the business. If you do not normally bring a car to work then we will also reimburse parking before you go, and when you return to the office. Please claim for these as well. It may be more sensible to use a car that is already here though if available (see below).

Parking fines will be reimbursed by the business should your matter or meeting substantially run over and you cannot get back to feed the meter etc.

We will not pay the fine where you have failed to pay for parking at all or have parked illegally.

We will not reimburse any speeding fines or for other traffic violations. You should obey the law at all times, including only hands-free use of phones etc.

Note that for any speeding fines incurred whilst driving company, Numat will on-charge these to the relevant employee. Numat’s preferred method is a payroll deduction – this will be agreed directly through consultation with the affected employee.

If you do not have access to a car to travel to a client meeting, then you should take a taxi if it is within a reasonable distance.

We will reimburse the taxi cost and it should be charged to the appropriate client. If it is not suitable to take a taxi (e.g. outer suburbs or other cities) or use your car (e.g. unable to get a park close to the office/ high cost of parking/ car unavailable) then you may make arrangements to borrow one of the business’s vehicles.

Prior notice is usually required to ensure an appropriate vehicle is available on the day. In a short notice situation see a supervisor/manager urgently.

All travel plans are approved by your supervisor/manager or unless otherwise arranged.

Rental Cars – Compact or Mid-Size vehicles are to be booked.

Air Travel – As appropriate and approved by your direct report.

Accommodation – As appropriate and approved by your direct report.

Away from home/Meal allowance – A per diem of $60 per night will be allowed and recorded for reimbursement through EzyPay/TSheets.