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7.2 Customer Enquiries & Complaints

If you receive any form of communication that raises any possibility of an issue or complaint or other problem, you must refer the communication to your supervisor/ manager and liaise with them prior to giving any response.

The matter may need to be escalated to a Numat Director.

In the event of a verbal complaint where you cannot immediately liaise with your someone please refer the complainant to your supervisor/manager, and give them their contact details.

You should treat the person making the complaint with empathy and respect and not argue or respond even if you think what they are saying is incorrect.

Complaints that require escalation should go to:

  • Agri Enquiries and Complaints – Mike Judd
  • Play Enquiries and Complaints – Jacob Judd
  • Complaints should be dealt with in a timely manner to show that we take such matters seriously, and this will help protect our reputation.

Supervisors/Managers should try to find out what the customer wants done to resolve the complaint. Can we do that? Do so if possible otherwise escalate to the above directors.

Media Policy

Any request for comment or information by the media needs to be referred directly to the General Manager and/or Marketing Executive.

Under no circumstances should you comment or disclose information about the Employer or its views, procedures or operations unless authorised to do so.